Go Back Live - Complete Series

Go Back Live - Complete Series

Go Back to Where You Came From Live is a bold adaption of SBS’s most successful factual format. The fundamental premise remains the same, to send Australians with strong views on refugees and asylum seekers on a confronting refugee journey. The simple aim is to challenge their opinions by walking in the footsteps of refugees. The series has no agenda other than to provoke more informed debate and discussion.

Undertaking the refugee experience are former senator Jacqui Lambie, refugee lawyer Marina Brizar, former AFL star Spida Everitt, comedian Meshel Laurie, prison youth worker Steve, presenter Gretel Killeen, and young Australians Dannii and Gareth.

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Go Back Live - Complete Series

3 Videos

  • Go Back Live - Ep1

    The first six participants begin their immersive experience meeting refugee families in Australia. Former Senator Jacqui Lambie and refugee lawyer Marina Brizar spend time with the Alaisa family, Syrian refugees now living safely in Sydney. We then cross to Jacqui and Marina as they go back to Sy...

  • Go Back Live - Ep2

    Jacqui Lambie and refugee lawyer Marina Brizar are in Raqqa following a live de-mining team. Raqqa is a city riddled with the lethal explosive devices after they were planted by departing ISIS fighters. The two participants have also visited the notorious square where ISIS publicly beheaded civil...

  • Go Back Live - Ep3

    Jacqui and Marina are still in the former ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, the most destroyed city in the world according to Amnesty. The human cost of liberating the city was high as the Alaisa family relatives show them where 35 of their family members were killed in a coalition airstrike. Even more c...