Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made (Intl)

Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made (Intl)

The world’s best how-babies-are-made book reborn as an animated series.

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Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made (Intl)

3 Videos

  • ATSOHBAM Ep101 Australia

    All animals make babies – and people do it too! There may be a lot of funny stories about where babies come from, but the true story takes us back to basics – how boys’ and girls’ bodies are different, how they develop and grow and how they start producing sperm and eggs.

  • ATSOHBAM Ep102 Australia

    You only need one sperm and one egg to make a baby, but how do they get together? We find out a little about having sex and then the race is on for a sperm to find and fertilise an egg! While a fertilised egg can make a baby, sometimes it can make two babies, or even more. Some parents can’t make...

  • ATSOHBAM Ep103 Australia

    A fertilised egg doesn’t become a baby overnight. We learn how the embryo gets the food and oxygen it needs, how its brain and body develop and how, over the course of nine months, it becomes a brand new human being! From birth to breathing and breastfeeding, the story of how babies are made is t...